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Optimists and pessimists are often equally wrong,
but optimists have more fun. (Unknown)


I worked as a researcher in Microsoft Research from 1992 to 2007. Since 2007 I have been part of an incubation team at Microsoft that is an outgrowth of efforts started at Microsoft Research.

At Microsoft Research, I have worked in the areas of program representation, program analysis, compilers, automatic memory management, runtimes for managed programs, and operating systems. In the area of program analysis, I am probably most known for developing a points-to analysis based using type unification mechanisms, for which I received the Most Influential POPL Paper Award. I was one of the founding members of the teams that developed the Marmot and Bartok compilers and runtime systems. Bartok enabled the subsequent work on the Singularity operating system, which I have also worked on since its inception. Most recently I have been working on the development of copying garbage collectors with pause times measured in microseconds.

Prior to joining Microsoft, I worked on the Emerald distributed operating system (cf. The Development of the Emerald Programming Language from HOPL III), on semantic analysis of programs, and on partial evaluation.

Erdös number: 3 (Erez Petrank, Noga M. Alon, Paul Erdös)

Recent Professional Activities

ISMM 2010, International Symposium on Memory Management (Review Committee)
PLDI 2010, Programming Language Design and Implementation (External Review Committee)
ISMM 2009, International Symposium on Memory Management (Program Committee)
ISMM 2008, International Symposium on Memory Management (Program Committee)

Selected/Recent papers


Well, it remains to be seen how much I want to say about myself :-).

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